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5 October 2023 - Manchester Conference Centre, Sackville St, Manchester


Hype or hope?
Harnessing AI for better transport and city planning

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Landor LINKS

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Transport AI 2023 will bring together professionals to discuss the latest developments in artificial intelligence (AI), transport and planning.

AI-powered solutions have the potential to revolutionise the way we transport people and goods, manage traffic flows and plan and design successful places. In some areas, such as automating routine transport plans, data collection, visualisation, analysis and route and flow optimisation, AI is firmly established in the professional toolkit. Other scenarios, such as AI-managed Connected and Autonomous vehicles commonly travelling on public roads, remain years away.

Transport AI 2023  will provide a one-stop shop for getting up to speed with the opportunities and challenges of AI:

  • a platform for attendees to gain insights on which AI-powered products, services and tools can deliver now to help local authorities and consultants with their workload

  • a look ahead to coming innovations: planning an AI readiness strategy

  • understanding of the resourcing, procurement, human and ethical factors that will underpin the development and take-up of AI across the transport sector


Call for Papers


We are now inviting short abstracts of no more than 250 words across the following themes:


  • Road danger reduction, automatic traffic incident detection, detection by mode

  • Traffic flow management

  • Traffic signal timing

  • Street and highway design and simulation

  • Connected and Autonomous Mobility analysis – road, rail and air

  • Sensing and sensors data

  • Automatic data collection & analysis

  • Drones and air mobility

  • Report and statement writing

  • Developing investment and business cases

  • Parking management

  • Kerbside management and optimisation

  • Mobility as a Service

  • Enforcement: ANPR and driver monitoring

  • Journey planning

  • Road pricing systems

  • Navigation

  • Route optimisation

  • Shared transport platform management

  • Asset management, inspections and maintenance

  • Ethics and trust

  • Digitising / integrating land use and transport planning

  • Managing decarbonisation pathways

  • Monitoring and improving air quality

  • Accelerating EV development and charging

  • Customer engagement and passenger information – enhanced user interfaces

  • Fleet integration, freight and logistics

  • Digital twins


Please send your submissions to Juliana O'Rourke by 31 June 2023 using the form below.

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