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23 January 2024 - Manchester Conference Centre, Sackville St, Manchester


Hype or hope?
Innovation for future mobility

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Transport AI 2024 will bring together professionals to discuss developments in artificial intelligence (AI) as they relate to transport and planning. 

The event will be managed by a Steering Group drawn from across the transport technology sector.
Increasing capacity, enhancing capability
AI-powered solutions have the potential to revolutionise the way we transport people and goods, to manage traffic flows and to plan and design successful places. 

AI is no longer the future — it’s here now in our offices, living rooms, cars and pockets. As the technology has continued to expand its role in our lives, important questions have emerged: Can we trust AI? Is it safe? How can we use it for community benefit? How does it fit into our workloads and workflows?

In some areas, such as automating data entry, data collection, data analysis / visualisation, route and flow optimisation and managing community engagement, AI is established in professional toolkits. Other scenarios, such as AI-managed Connected and Autonomous vehicles commonly travelling driverless on public roads, remain years away.

Yet rapid advances mean that tools and datasets once only available to the Googles and Metas of the world are widely available – and are being used to create and deliver products that transport professionals can benefit from today.

Transport AI UK will provide a one-stop shop for understanding the opportunities and challenges of AI:

  • a platform for attendees to gain insights on which AI-powered products, services and tools can deliver now to help local authorities and consultants 

  • the AI development curve: how to use AI to add value by time-saving, cost-saving and automating routine tasks

  • a look ahead to coming innovation: planning an AI readiness strategy

  • understanding of the resourcing, procurement, human and ethical factors that will underpin the development and take-up of AI across the transport sector


For sponsorship and exhibition enquiries please contact Daniel Simpson on 0207 091 7861 or email 

Send us your suggestions!

About the event

Trust, ethics and security: This inaugural one-day event will feature presentations from the key pioneers and policy shapers who are guiding the use of AI in the UK and beyond.


Tools, products and services: Much of the day will be dedicated to showcasing the AI-driven tools, products and services that are already successfully in use

  • A large expo zone will offer plenty of time for demonstrating services and use cases

  • Supported places for a limited number of start-ups and entrepreneurs

  • Facilitated pitching sessions to be held during the day


Help us shape the event

This is new territory for all of us, so we want you to help shape the event.


Please send us your ideas and suggestions for presentations, pitches and expo places (250 words max) – using the form below – by August 31 2023, including proposed talk title and speaker name, job title and email details.

Transport AI 2024: possible areas of interest


  • Road danger reduction, automatic traffic incident detection, detection by mode

  • Traffic flow management

  • Traffic signal timing

  • Street and highway design and simulation

  • Connected and Autonomous Mobility analysis – road, rail and air

  • Sensing and sensors data

  • Automatic data collection & analysis

  • Drones and air mobility

  • Report and statement writing

  • Developing investment and business cases

  • Parking management

  • Kerbside management and optimisation

  • Mobility as a Service

  • Enforcement: ANPR and driver monitoring

  • Journey planning

  • Road pricing systems

  • Navigation

  • Route optimisation

  • Shared transport platform management

  • Asset management, inspections and maintenance

  • Ethics and trust

  • Digitising / integrating land use and transport planning

  • Managing decarbonisation pathways

  • Monitoring and improving air quality

  • Accelerating EV development and charging

  • Customer engagement and passenger information – enhanced user interfaces

  • Fleet integration, freight and logistics

  • Digital twins


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